Are you concerned that your new rental home lacks the square footage to truly decorate? We have good news! With some clever arrangement, even the smallest room opens up into a more open, welcoming space.No doubt you realize that clutter makes an already small room appear tiny. Therefore, carefully selecting accent pieces proves vital. Make sure to place each piece intentionally. What colors make a room look bigger?

Neutral Furniture Pieces

Avoid high contrast between the wall colors and large furniture pieces. Likely, the walls in your rental home bear a light, neutral color. In this case, avoid dark pieces of furniture since they shrink the space. Stick with gentle tones that blend nicely with the overall pallet of the room.

In smaller spaces, the same advice applies to any piece larger than a television stand. Couches and large chairs ought to stay on the lighter side. While white or cream couches greatly reduce functionality, find a balance and stay away from dark browns and blacks which often overwhelm small rooms. Keep the room airy and light.

Bright Accent Pieces

After you place your complimentary pieces of furniture throughout the room, select a few colorful accent pieces. Embrace high contrast colors and draw the eye to corners of the room. This creates the illusion of increased space and openness.

Here are a few ideas for colorful accent pieces:

  • Brightly colored vases or centerpieces
  • Fresh flowers
  • A hanging mirror with painted frame
  • Books with colorful covers
  • Bright throw pillows

Choose only one or two of the above options per room. Remember your goal is to create space—not fill it.

When moving into a smaller home, creatively find ways to make it your own without serious renovation. Because selectivity is vital in your decorations, take initiative and show boldness in your style choices. A little color goes a long way.

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