The year 2020 is here and with it comes new design trends for your home. This year is especially exciting as these trends give designers the opportunity to experiment with trends of the past and find their own individual style. However, there are a few guidelines to help get you started and to keep your home cohesive and on trend.

Start with Neutrals

Instead of the cool neutrals of the past, 2020 will be the year for warm neutrals, such as grey and beige. These can be incorporated in wall color, sofas, bedding, and other decor.

Black and White

black and white kitchen

Plain, all-white kitchens are a thing of the past with this new trend. Since black and white are on opposite ends of the color spectrum, this stark contrast will really make your home pop. Since all-white kitchens were a thing of the past, it will be easy to integrate a two-toned feel into this space.

Natural Designs

natural wood kitchen design

Within the past few years, society has been more aware of the mark they’re making on the earth and how their choices affect the environment. This has caused many consumers to want sustainable homes that include organic elements while still being on trend. This year, you won’t have to choose between the two. Recycled wood is being used in many furniture designs, and metal and stone will mix with this to create a wonderful organic aesthetic.


wall pattern design

Whether in pillows, backsplashes, wallpaper, or rugs, bold patterns will be showing up a lot this year. Geometric patterns have been making their way toward the forefront of trends in the past few years, but this year they’ll be very prevalent.

Bold Accents

Ceiling Wallpaper Ideas

Whether this be bright yellows and oranges, a big floral print on the walls, or a geometric-style wallpaper on the ceiling, it’s in to make a statement. Placing these on top or next to neutral backgrounds will add great contrast and really make your house pop.


Where minimalism meant toning things down and keeping it to the bare minimum, maximalism is the complete opposite. Feel free to cover your walls in photographs, abstract art, and gaudy decor. More is more here. You’ll have to be careful with this one, it’ll be easy to fall into the category of ‘cluttered and busy’, but done right it can add a lot to a space, literally.

Off-Trend is On-Trend

Accented wall

This year is the year of experimentation. If you think something will work, go for it! Think out of the box and try things you’ve never seen before. Anything unique will be welcome in this year’s design trends, so pull out that old velvet couch and put that strange light fixture to good use! Have fun designing this year and make your house your own!