Before admitting a tenant into your residential property, you need to run a background check on his or her previous rental records. You will need to know his or her previous rental history for the safety of other tenants and that of your property. Failure to do a background check on new tenants puts your property and the lives of other tenants sharing the property at risk.

Finding the best tenant in residential property management is never an easy task. This is why at Keyrenter, we make relationships between landlords and tenants a top priority. It is quite difficult to get a new tenant into your rental property, and it is even more difficult to find and keep the good ones! We, therefore, give you the opportunity to delegate the residential management services to us and we, in turn, deliver in good time.

Our aim at Keyrenter Denver is to give you a complete screening process that will ensure you admit only the best tenants into your home. Tenant screening is the heart of ensuring only the best tenants are admitted into your houses. We, therefore, give a special focus on identifying and weeding out any tenant with a possibility of interfering with the peace, harmony, and cooperation that is required in residential houses. Choose Keyrenter as your preferred property management company and you shall have no regrets.

How to Utilize Tenant Background Checks

We help our clients run background checks on tenants using an online application process. At Keyrenter, we embrace technology to increase the efficiency of our services. Applicants wishing to be admitted into your rental property will be required to fill in forms that shall be scrutinized for tenant history. The cost incurred for online and manual form filling can be easily shifted to the tenant.

The application form should have the following details:

  • Social security number
  • Bank account details
  • Authorization to run a credit check
  • Current physical address
  • Names and physical addresses of previous landlords if any

Once we run the screening, we will be able to view the tenant’s background history on rental properties and place of work. This gives us the opportunity to evaluate the suitability of the tenant before admitting him or her into your apartment. Knowing the history of the applicants enables you to weigh and make a rational decision on his or her suitability to occupy your premises.

It is vital to protect your investment by running a background check on your tenants before officially allowing them into your premises. “Tenants have been evicted in the past, showed a history of non- payment of house rent and have brought criminal elements to their new residence”. This is why you need to pick one of the many tenant-screening options available to have the surety of commitment and a clean bill of health on the part of the tenant.

Things to Look For When Conducting a Tenant Background Check

As a homeowner, landlord, or developer, it is in your best interest to keep your tenants in a peaceful, serene environment. This implies that the burden of keeping them safe lies squarely on your court. Any potential renters, therefore, require vetting so that they do not interfere with peace and order in your premises. You need to look out for any elements that can make the new renter dangerous or unfriendly to the already existing tenants. Some of the things to look into include:

  • Credit checks- Before admitting any tenant into your premises, we will do a credit check after accessing a credit check authorization form. Once we get the permission to view the tenant’s credit history, we will perform a credit check by linking with all the top credit-reporting agencies. The information we extract from credit checks includes credit scores, any evictions, unlawful detainer suits, bankruptcies, and foreclosures.
  • Their criminal records- it is vital to run a background check on any criminal offenses performed by your aspiring tenant before giving him or her the green light to occupy your premises. In this case, we will help you check out for sexual offenders, who are among the most dangerous tenants to admit. Such offenders are not protected under the Fair Housing Act. It is, therefore, appropriate to shun such tenants from your multi-family rental units. Otherwise, you will find yourself charged in court for such cases that happen around your premises.
  • Renter risk level- In this case, you consider whether one is a high risk or low-risk tenant to your property. Those with records indicating late payments and non-compliance should not be welcome. Someone whose rental history indicates numerous moves could turn out to be a defaulter in rent payment.
  • Job or occupation- The tenant could have been transferred to your location or just wishes to change his working environment. However, some people move because they lack a stable job. That makes them a liability since they may move into your premises and default on payments due to low financial gains.
  • Nationwide eviction history- You need to know if your aspiring tenant has been evicted before. If it is true, then run an in-depth analysis of the situation that led to his or her eviction. Otherwise, admitting such a tenant may result in an unprecedented eviction within your premises.

Residential property management requires collaboration between the house owner and the management company. You could also hire a tenant screening company to help you perfect the screening process. At Keyrenter, we provide tenant-screening services that are accurate through the integration of technology.

When running background checks for potential tenants, we will advise you to observe safety considerations. This is because you are dealing with strangers. Having close interactions with them may pose a safety threat as some could be criminals. It is, therefore, important to conduct searches into their records before any physical meeting. You may also choose open and public areas for any scheduled meetings as opposed to giving rides to strangers or meeting them in closed areas.

There is an ardent need to protect your investment at all times. You can trust Keyrenter to help you run background checks on the required areas. The criminal history audit is vital and assures tenants of safety once they occupy your rental property. Find new tenants by running a comprehensive background check on all tenants.