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Are you finding the demands of self-managing your rental properties to be more arduous than expected? Partner with the experts at Keyrenter Property Management Denver today!

Among other things, we can help you get back your time, grow your investment portfolio, and help you maximize your ROI. We’ve successfully helped dozens of property owners in Thornton, CO, we can help you too.

At Keyrenter Denver, we provide property owners with a full suite of property management services. We’ll cover everything from filling vacancies with great tenants and collecting rent, to maintaining your property and helping you keep track of your finances. These services help us provide property owners with a streamlined and professional management approach.

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Currently, we manage 950 properties. The rapid growth our company has seen over the years has been fueled by our desire to help property owners meet and exceed their investment goals. We’ve even been named a top franchise four times, and ranked as the “Best Property Management Company in Thornton by, among other top awards as a result of our efforts.

Still, want to learn more? No worries! You can get in touch with our qualified property managers by dialing 720-739-3000. Our team will happily answer your questions and get you started with a customized package.

Our Thornton Property Management Services

We provide full-service property management solutions. Whether your need help collecting rent, screening tenants, marketing vacant units, or maintaining and inspecting properties, you can rest easy knowing that we have you covered.

Here are some of the quality property management services we provide property owners:

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Property Marketing

If you are struggling with filling your vacant rentals, consider working with industry experts. At Keyrenter Denver, we have tried and tested marketing strategies to help property owners rent out their available units quickly.

We use a combination of both ‘traditional’ and online marketing tactics for a broader reach. We create attractive rental ads that contain an eye-grabbing headline, quality photos, and an engaging property description. We can also place “for rent” signs at the property and make use of our local network to reach prospective tenants.

Tenant Screening

We have all prospective tenants take part in our 14-step tenant screening process. This is done to ensure that trustworthy tenants are placed in your units. These are tenants who can make timely and consistent rent payments, maintain the rental unit and abide by the terms of the lease. The following are some of the things we check during this process:


  • Credit history – This helps us gauge the tenant’s financial well-being. Generally speaking, we aim for tenants that have a credit rating of at least 620.
  • Employment history – We want tenants who have a steady job and income.
  • Rental background – We call prior landlords to learn more about the applicant. We want to know if the tenant paid rent on time, took good care of the rental property, reported maintenance issues, and whether or not they’d rent to the tenant again.
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We share the same aim as our clients, to rent to great long-term tenants that will ensure maximum profitability for many years to come.

Lease Administration

Investment property owners in Thornton, CO count on us to help them draft a solid lease agreement. We will help you draft an agreement that lays out your expectations and is up-to-date with current laws.

Having a foolproof rental agreement prevents issues and miscommunications from occurring. We’ll detail both the landlord’s and tenant’s responsibilities to ensure that everyone understands their obligations. We also assist new tenants with any questions or concerns they may have.

Eviction Management

Evictions should always be a last resort. We have very low eviction rates because we safeguard against them by doing the following:

  • Screening tenants to ensure only the best ones get to rent your rental property.
  • Taking tenants through our rental terms and policies to ensure they understand what they are required to do.
  • Communicating early to prevent potential conflicts or misunderstandings.
  • Negotiating a payment plan to avoid late or missed rent.
  • Serving the property notice to let the tenant know what they must do to correct the lease violation.

That said, should an eviction become necessary, we’ll make sure to do it quickly, professionally, and in strict adherence to the local and federal laws.

Property Maintenance Inspections

Thorough inspections and maintenance are arguably the best ways to ensure your Thornton rental property always looks its best. Additionally, regular inspections help us keep a keen eye on lease adherence. At Keyrenter Denver, we let our clients choose the frequency of inspections when their home is occupied.

Besides regular inspections, we also undertake proactive rental maintenance. We ask tenants to log onto our online portal to report maintenance issues. We then diagnose the issue and dispatch our able team of professionals to the property right away. Doing so ensures that your tenants are safe and comfortable and protects your property.

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About Thornton, Colorado

Thornton is the 6th most populous city in Colorado. The latest census estimates its population to be 144,186. Being the easternmost city in the north Denver area, Thornton is closest to the Denver International Airport.

The city of Thornton is known for great public schools, low-cost homes, convenient amenities, and convenience to big cities like Denver. It also boasts nearly 1,000 acres of recreational centers, developed parks, and over 200 acres of open space.

Residents in Thornton get to enjoy the Thorntonfest which is held in May, the Harvest Fest which is held in September, and the Winterfest which is held in December. What’s more, Thornton is a foodie haven. Whether you’re looking to try barbeque, sushi, or Mexican dining options, foodies have inexhaustible options.

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