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The community has a unique cultural diversity, with substantial Asian and Spanish influences. The median home value is $335,950. The average rental price of a family house with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms is $2,150 per month.

With such a well-rounded community and excellent quality and cost of living, Arvada real estate has something to offer to everyone.

Arvada, Colorado Details

Arvada is a small city just northwest of Denver, founded in 1870. It is part of the Aurora-Lakewood-Denver metro area, yet is known and loved for its small town charm. At the time of its founding, the population of the town was 100 residents. Today the population has increased to over 111,000, making it Colorado’s 8th largest city. The town was founded by men who were mining for gold but stayed on as farmers and made their homes there. Many crops thrived in the rich soils and it became known as the “celery capital of the world.

Today part of the celery capital’s appeal is its historic shopping area, quaint neighborhoods, well-educated populous, good quality of life, accessibility, outdoor adventure, and low crime rate. It has easy access to world-class learning institutions such as the University of Colorado, Red Rocks Community College and the local Center for the Arts and Humanities. Encompassing a total of 23,000 acres, the area is one of the wealthiest zip codes in Colorado. According to the US Census Bureau, the median yearly household income is $69,550. The median age of residents is 40.5 years.

One of the unique amenities in this small city is excellent transportation, making it a highly livable city for everyone. Only 29 miles from the Denver International Airport (DIA), it boasts approximately 230 miles of combined trails and bike lanes, and is part of the fast track electric commuter rail line, the Gold Line RTD, connecting it with the terminus at Denver’s Union Station. The city also takes great pride in having 90 parks, making for a 10 minute maximum walk from any residential address to enjoy one of the beautiful public spaces against the backdrop of the Rocky Mountains.

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Our property management team specializes in residential areas throughout Arvada, CO. We offer multiple services to take your rental property and convert it into reliable income. We have a thorough screening process that helps to identify the right tenants for your property. Our team works hard to keep both parties happy through effective communication, bullet proof lease agreements, and timely monthly rent collection. We offer maintenance services to enhance the property and ensure that it will retain or increase in value. We oversee everything, allowing you to sit back and relax and know that your property and your tenants are in good hands.