Moving out can be extremely stressful. You may find yourself with a mile-long checklist that includes packing, cleaning, and so much more. Fortunately, we are here to help make the move-out process easier by ensuring all the boxes are checked off before moving out of your Keyrenter Denver property.

Here are the five steps that will need to be completed as part of the move-out process.

1. Once you have notified the property manager that you will not be renewing your lease, they will send you everything you need to know in regards to moving out. The first step will be completing an online form stating your notice of intent to vacate. From there, you will schedule a move-out date. A forwarding address should also be provided.

2. If you are enrolled in Auto ePayments through our tenant portal, please log in and delete the auto-charge to avoid being charged after you move out.

3. Before moving out, you will need to clear the property of all trash and personal belongings. The carpets must also be cleaned. There are two options: 1) You can choose to have a professional cleaner come and submit the receipt to Keyrenter, or 2) You can choose to have us clean the carpet, and will deduct the invoice amount from your security deposit.

If you choose to do the cleaning yourself, it’s best to start with just one room at a time, and the goal is to leave the room(s) exactly the way you found it. It sounds cheesy, but if you follow this principle, cleaning should feel a little less overwhelming. As such, attention to detail is key. This includes taking command strips off the wall, cleaning the fridge, replacing any light bulbs that no longer work, and emptying out the closets. These steps will also help you maximize your security deposit refund. To further maximize your deposit refund, you will also need to complete the items on the cleaning checklist.

Alternatively, you may opt to leave the property “broom clean” (remove all personal items and trash; vacuum and sweep all areas). From there, we will deduct the appropriate amount from your deposit to account for cleaning fees.

4. On move-out day, please send us an email confirming that you have vacated the property and that you are returning possession to us. Until we receive this email confirmation, you will continue to be charged rent as you still have possession, so just make sure you let us know! You will also need to ensure the property is secured and that all windows and doors are closed and locked. Please make sure to leave one key in the lockbox.

After confirming with us you have vacated the property, it is important to remember that you will not be permitted to re-enter the property. As such, before you return your keys, make sure to double-check the property to ensure you have all personal belongings.

5. Within 1-3 business days of receiving your keys, we will go through the property to perform our final inspection. You do not need to be present for this inspection.

We hate seeing our Keyrenter Denver tenants go, but we know life has lots of other adventures in store. With this in mind, we want you to have a smooth and stress-free move-out experience. Fortunately, following these steps will ensure you are able to move on to your next home with a positive spring in your step.