If you’re a landlord and you suspect that your tenant is subletting the rental home to someone else, they might be in violation of the lease they signed with the landlord or Property Management.

First, you need to fully understand and review the lease that your tenant signed to see if they might be in violation or not. After you’ve fully looked over the lease and subletting clause, it’s important for you to determine if they truly are subletting to another tenant or not. Most recent professional lease agreements do contain a Subletting clause, but that might not apply if you have an old lease template. After reviewing the lease, the best way to approach this situation is to inspect the property while following all rental laws and regulations. You’ll have to prove that your tenant is no longer living in the home which can mean making sure the tenant is no longer living in the home by “tracking” where they currently are living.

If you have determined that the tenant is indeed subletting the home, you may then want to speak with a real estate attorney to prepare a rental increase based on what the local laws allow.

When you hire Keyrenter Property Management to manage your rental, you avoid these situations by having the experts screen the tenants and also reviewing the lease fully with the tenants so they completely understand what they can and can’t do in the home. Keyrenter may also do drive-bys at the home, in-home inspections while also following all Colorado and Federal fair housing laws.

Contact Keyrenter Denver for any questions, and we’d be happy to walk you through some steps of how to handle possible subletting.