Are you wondering how to make your property management company more lucrative? The success of your business depends on strong partnerships with the right people. The following tips can help you get new property owners.

Develop a Marketing Plan

Every business needs a clearly-defined marketing plan to guide daily operations. Here are a few critical aspects it should include:

If you’re not sure how such strategies work, there’s no need to worry. You can easily find information online about these and other digital marketing topics.

You may also choose to use any existing correspondence to let people know more about your company. For example, add a few lines of info regarding your organization at the end of every listing, email, text, or letter.

In this way, owners, tenants, and vendors can become familiar with your company’s unique offerings. The best part of this strategy is that it costs you nothing.

Optimize Your Website

Your site may be the source of first impressions for many prospective tenants and owners. Because of this, you want it to look professional and have an attractive design. Optimize information and images so that their message is clear.

You can attract new owners by filling your site with information they would find useful. Offer quality and relevant data through infographics, videos, blog posts, or other formats that might answer questions they have.

Such evergreen content provides value for many years. In this way, you show your organization has expertise in the field, increasing your credibility and attractiveness.

Guest posts are another way to get your company noticed. When a well-known real estate website features your article, you’ll get your name out there. More people will then visit your site.

Network With Other Professionals

Knowing how to work with tenants and owners may not be enough to bring the success you desire. You’ll also need to collaborate with people outside your organization.

You can network with other professionals in your field through online forums, groups, or associations. Industry conventions or conferences also provide the opportunity to connect with other property managers. This interaction enables you to stay informed of the developments in your area of work.

Networking can also occur at local events, where you have the opportunity to connect with community members. This strategy can give your business more visibility. 

Talking with brokers may be especially rewarding, as they might be looking for property management services. You can also look for opportunities to appear on TV or give radio interviews.

Investors and insurance agents are often tremendous allies who can increase people’s confidence in your company. The local police or sheriff could also be of immense help, as they deal with evictions every day. Once you start building relationships in your community, you’ll see there are even more possibilities than those cited here.

Encourage Referrals

Tenants are excellent sources of referrals, as you can read on UMoveFree. Owners and vendors can also help you expand your network of contacts.

People tend to trust the recommendations they receive from friends and family. For this reason, this method often works well.

A client referral program can help you generate leads from existing customers. You could offer incentives in the form of credit, cashback, or gift cards. Alternatively, you might provide a month of free services.

You could also develop a realtor referral program. These professionals can provide you with contact information for property owners. You might pay them a commission for each new customer they refer.

In a Nutshell

To grow your property management business, you need to know how to get new owners. First, develop a solid marketing plan. Design a professional-looking website that provides valuable information to potential leads.

Networking with other professionals online and in your community is critical to the success of your venture. Consider developing a referral program to reward those who collaborate with you. By doing all these things, you’ll find it much easier to get new property owners.