Exploring Colorado doesn’t have to break the bank, thanks to a variety of free admission days at the state’s top museums and national parks. Whether you’re a history buff, art enthusiast, or nature lover, Colorado offers numerous opportunities to immerse in its rich cultural and natural heritage without spending a dime. This guide will walk you through the calendar of free days for 2024, providing you with all the information needed to plan your visits to Denver’s premier museums and the majestic national parks of Colorado.

Free Museum Days in Denver

Denver offers a wealth of opportunities for cultural enrichment without the cost, thanks to free admission days at local museums and attractions. These free days, often funded by the Science and Cultural Facilities District or donations, are a boon for families and individuals alike. Attractions like the Denver Art Museum, Denver Botanic Gardens, and the Denver Zoo open their doors for free on select days throughout the year. However, it’s wise to book in advance due to the popularity of these days and to check for additional fees for special exhibitions or activities. With careful planning, you can enjoy Denver’s rich museum scene and special activities offered on these free days.

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Free Admission to Colorado National Parks

Colorado’s national parks offer free admission on select days throughout the year, allowing visitors to explore the state’s stunning natural landscapes at no cost. Days like MLK Jr Day, National Park Week, and Veterans Day are prime opportunities to visit iconic parks such as Rocky Mountain National Park and Mesa Verde National Park. While entrance fees are waived, it’s important to note that additional fees for activities like camping or special tours may still apply. Planning ahead and checking each park’s official website for specific free admission dates and details will ensure a rewarding and cost-effective outdoor adventure.

For a complete list of free days and specific details like dates and times, visit this link!

Planning Your Visit

When planning to take advantage of free days at museums and national parks, arriving early can help you beat the crowds. Check each venue’s or park’s policy on advanced bookings and any potential extra fees for special exhibits or activities. Keep in mind that while admission may be free, there could be costs for parking or special events. Regularly updating yourself with the latest information from official websites ensures a smooth and enjoyable visit, making the most of these free opportunities to explore Colorado’s cultural and natural treasures.

Benefits of Free Days

Free days offer significant cultural and educational benefits, allowing broad public access to museums and parks that might otherwise be cost-prohibitive for some. They foster a greater appreciation for art, history, and nature, enriching the community’s cultural fabric. Additionally, these free days can stimulate local economies by increasing foot traffic to nearby businesses. By taking advantage of these opportunities, residents and visitors alike can deepen their understanding and enjoyment of Colorado’s rich heritage and natural beauty.


Embrace the opportunity to explore Colorado’s museums and national parks without the expense on designated free days. These occasions provide a unique chance to engage with the state’s rich cultural and natural offerings. Always check the latest information on official websites to ensure a successful visit. By planning ahead and making the most of these free days, you can enrich your understanding of Colorado’s heritage and enjoy unforgettable experiences.