I bet you 10 years ago all the Denver Natives thought Vegan food was a mystical tale from California. Well, fortunately (or unfortunately), there are now plenty of options for vegan and vegetarian options here in the Denver area. Not every veggie burger is alike – things have changed with the Beyond Meat and Impossible burger. Not into Colorado steaks and Rocky Mountain Oysters? We’ve got you covered with our favorite Vegan and Vegetarian restaurants (and options) in Denver.

City O’ City

vegetarian waffles

Clever vegetarian eats is exactly what you’ll get here at City O’ City. This amazing eatery in the heart of Cap Hill serves up some of the best vegan wings, mac n cheese and cocktails in the area. Some people say the brunch is to die for, some argue the cocktails are their winners, but I’m a fan of their bbq bowl. Don’t forget to get a side of the vegan fried raviolis!

Watercourse Foods

toast with berries

Sister restaurant to City O City, this gem serves up some of the best pancakes and pho (ikr!?). Their menu changes frequently, but one thing that  seems to stick are the seitan wings, yum! The nachos, vegan burger, gnocchi, and breakfast burritos are the top choices here. Watercourse is sure to change the minds of carnivores into believers. Just feel it guys, it’s good.

Root Down

rootdown restuarant menu item

This spot made one of our top lists for Best Restaurants in Lohi, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that we’re adding it to one of our favorite veggie restaurants. Although Root Down is not a Vegan Restaurant, they can make almost every dish veggie or vegan friendly. The plates are mostly small, but oh so big with flavor and creativity. They too serve brunch, but dinner is definitely one of their best. Try the Colombian Arepas or Spring Pea Risotto. Make sure to ask for the vegan option!

Meta Burger

Metabuger Restaurant

Who said all veggie food has to be healthy? No one. Craving a juicy burger, pulled pork or chicken sandwich for a little cheat meal? Come to Meta Burger in the Glendale area. It’s pretty darn hard to tell the difference between a beef burger and Meta burger here, they’ll make you think of McDonalds, minus the cows of course. People love the Supernova Burger, ice cream, hot dogs and chili cheese fries here. You’ll forget your chowing down on some plant based meat.

Vital Root

Vital Root Restuarant

Tennyson Street in Denver is known for their bars, pizza joints and breweries – so it’s only fitting there’s a vegan restaurant on Tennyson. Vital Root not only offers vegan/veggie options, but a huge variety of Gluten Free options if your’e into that (or need that). They offer a fantastic Happy Hour from 3-6PM Tues-Sun which includes Korean BBQ wings, Bahn Mi TAcos and $5 cocktails. Their outdoor patio is perfect and zen during the Spring & Summer, and their indoor seating area will make you want to stay all day. The only downside is the ordering system – you’ll need to stand in line to order with the cashier, then sit down with a number. Not terrible, but not great.


Sputnick Restuarant

Just another example of why Vegan junk food is so good and why all those carnivores thinking vegan food is nothing but carrots and  black beans are wrong. Sputnik is a bar that offers an eclectic take on traditional bar food. in the South Broadway neighborhood of Denver that does just that. They serve up late vegan (and non vegan eats) including brunch. They specialize in mostly sandwiches (the Cubano with jackfruit is my favorite), and of course…. Fried pickles and  vegan corn dogs. Go on, grab a cocktail, listen to their Dj spin some vinyl and eat a corn dog!

Uchi Sushi

Uchi Sushi Restaurant

This James Beard Award-winning Sushi restaurant was a big deal when it first came to the RiNo district in Denver. Vegetarian sushi is a real thing – and no, it’s not just a veggie roll you buy at the grocery store. I’m talking elevated dishes with seasonal mushrooms, veggie nabe, tempura roll with avocado and sundried tomatoes, and they even offer an Omakase Vegetarian Tasting with six courses. Get ready to put your meal on a charge card – it’s a bit more pricey than other options, but the love that goes into each dish shines.

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