It’s that time of year again!

The kids are all going back to school, which means it’s time to step up your home’s security. After a long summer of relaxing at home with the family and enjoying the warm weather, your property will now be empty for most of the day.

As a landlord in Denver with a family renting your property, it’s important to provide the necessary resources to help them secure their home. While you can provide resources, it’s also important for your tenants to keep the property safe as well.

In this article, we’ll cover some of the amenities that landlords can add to their properties to secure the property during the back-to-school season.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, seven million elementary and middle school-aged children stay home alone. We’ll also dive into some safety tips for tenants to practice as well, especially if they work outside the home and have children.


Install a Security System

A security system in a Denver rental is never a bad idea, especially when it is monitored. Families can feel safe when they are both inside and outside their homes.

They can set their security system while they’re sleeping, so if someone tries to break in, they’ll be made aware of it. While they are out of the house, they will receive a notification that someone tried to get into their home as well.

Plus, a loud alarm going off will definitely deter anyone trying to steal from you or continue entering your home.


Consider Keyless Entry

There is nothing worse than having your children get locked out of the house after school because they either forgot or lost their key. Fortunately, this is completely avoidable now with keyless entry systems.

It’s also important to keep account of all the house keys. If a child or tenant loses a key, it could be an invitation for a home intruder.

However, it’s essential to teach children not to share the code with anyone to keep everyone as safe as possible.

Not to mention, this is a great device for landlords because they will never receive late-night phone calls because tenants are locked out. It’s also an attractive feature for millennial renters and could even help rent the property faster.


Check All the Locks

Before your children go back to school or a tenant moves in, make sure to check that all the locks on the doors and windows work well.

Also, be sure to make a habit of locking the door when you leave the house each morning or afternoon.

Denver property manager installing an outdoor video camera

Add Video Cameras

There are plenty of home security cameras available. Many of them even offer live stream right to your phone. This is perfect for parents who have to leave their kids home alone for a couple of hours before they finish work at the office.

It’s easy to check in and see that everyone is home and safe. Adding cameras outside may also give parents some peace of mind as well.

For landlords, this footage can be important to refer to if anything happens on the premises, like a robbery. Remember to make tenants aware of any video cameras you may have on the premises.


Set Check-In Times

For parents who can’t get home in time to meet their kids after school, schedule check-in times each day. This could be a quick phone call or text that your child sends to ensure they’re safe. If you don’t hear from them at this time, something is wrong.

One of the best times to do this is right when your child gets home from school.


Have an Emergency Contact

Tenants should have an emergency contact who is trustworthy in or around the neighborhood. This person could be reliable and someone, the kids, can go to if something happens. They can also keep an eye on the house when they’re home for you.

Landlords should also have an emergency contact in the area to watch the house. If they notice something is wrong, they can contact the landlord quickly.


Secure the Wi-Fi Network

Your property isn’t the only thing you should make sure is secure during back-to-school season. Many homes in Denver have a Wi-Fi network that needs to be secured as well.

An open Wi-Fi network can invite many strangers from all over the world into your home and your devices. If kids have access to the computer or smartphones, it’s important to take extra steps to keep your Wi-Fi safe.

Try using a firewall, installing anti-virus software, and creating strong passwords. You can also cover your webcams when you aren’t using them for extra safety measures.


Emphasize Stranger Danger

If you have kids home alone or walking to the bus stop by themselves, make sure to emphasize stranger danger.

Educate your children about how to act when a stranger tries to approach them. Let them know not to open doors or answer the phone while they are home alone.

It’s important not to frighten your children about strangers but to keep them aware of the dangers so they can be cautious about their safety.


Establish Safety Rules

As a parent, it’s your job to keep your family and children safe. One way to do this, especially when everyone is going back to school, is to enforce safety rules in your home.

These rules can range from no cooking without an adult in the kitchen to no playing outside when nobody is home. Rules like these will help your children understand what they can and cannot do while they are home alone.

This will also keep your Denver property secure as well. For instance, when you have a rule that your children can’t play with matches or turn on the stove, this can prevent a house fire.


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