Property Management in Lakewood, Colorado

When people think of Colorado, they usually think of Denver or skiing and exploring the Rocky Mountains. What most people don’t realize is how fun and beautiful the suburbs of Colorado really are. Lakewood, Colorado is the fifth largest city in the Denver metro area. Not only does this city have a beautiful view of the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, but it also has a new downtown area complete with a lot of shopping and restaurants.

Lakewood, Colorado Details

Lakewood is the perfect place to start a family. With places like Bear Creek Lake Park and William F. Hayden Green Mountain Park this town is ripe with choices for family activities. The neighborhoods are picturesque and the Mills mall is right in town so the residents will always be able to find exactly what they are looking for. If there are just a few things that need to be picked up, the downtown section of Belmar is the perfect spot to go window shopping. Belmar is in particularly high demand among families because of the location and all of the fun things there are downtown! There are farmer’s markets, places to bike, golf courses and many excellent locations to do some hiking and walking.

Our Services

Lakewood Property Management

Our property management team specializes in residential areas throughout Lakewood, CO. We offer multiple services to take your rental property and convert it into reliable income. We have a thorough screening process that helps to identify the right tenants for your property. Our team works hard to keep both parties happy through effective communication, bullet proof lease agreements, and timely monthly rent collection. We offer maintenance services to enhance the property and ensure that it will retain or increase in value. We oversee everything, allowing you to sit back and relax and know that your property and your tenants are in good hands.