Decorating your Denver rental home makes the space feel more like your own, but it can be a challenge to put your own spin on the space because many rentals have restrictions in place. Even with limitations, there are still numerous ways to make your rental house feel uniquely yours and provide comfort and warmth to your space. Before making any changes to your Denver rental house, you should read your contract and speak with your Denver Property Manager to ensure all of your proposed changes aren’t in breach of contract and will not result in any charges. After you are certain, it’s time to personalize your rental house to fit your style and taste.


1- Decorate with Removable Wallpaper

Whether it’s the paint color you don’t like or you’re simply trying to jazz up an area, decorating with removable wallpaper is an excellent way to bring your own style into your rental house. Since repainting an area might not be allowed, removable wallpaper suits the need for decoration and color. You might just use the wallpaper as an accent wall or decide to wallpaper an entire room, but the choice is yours. As removable wallpaper is both easy to apply and remove, this is a renter’s dream to decorate with.


2- Hang Artwork

Hanging artwork might seem like a basic choice, but most people underestimate how hanging a piece of artwork can transform a space. Whether it’s a photograph or a painting done by a local artist, artwork on the wall will instantly bring a touch of your personality into your rental house. One of the best parts about hanging artwork is that you can easily transport it and hang it in your next house too.


3- Place a Few Plants

Adding a few plants around your rental property can create a homey, relaxing space, and plants also help purify the air. If you’re worried about not being able to properly care for your plant, there are a variety of plants that are low-maintenance and ideal for those without a green thumb. Having a few plants arranged in your rental house will help with the aesthetic appeal and provide a level of comfort.


4- Fake the (Flooring) Funk

Hate the flooring in your rental home? By installing vinyl plank flooring, you can create the look of wood throughout the home without the need for a flooring contractor. Vinyl plank flooring sticks to themselves, not the floor, which makes it a great option to lay over the existing flooring without damaging it as a result. Revamping the rental home with an updated floor is a very affordable way to make a large change to the rental home’s aesthetics without breaking the bank or leaving any damage.


5- Replace Hardware

Replacing the hardware on kitchen cabinets, bathroom drawers, and other locations throughout the home changes its entire appeal at an affordable price. You should store the original hardware in a safe place so you can replace it when you move out. Changing out the cabinet pulls in the bathrooms and kitchen will make a large difference and add a bit of flair to the area. If you’re trying to modernize the area or bring in a pop of personality, replacing the hardware is an easy way to make it happen.


6- New Countertops

If the countertops in the kitchen or bathrooms are outdated or don’t fit with your style, you can cover them with contact paper and easily change the look. Since new countertops are out of the question for most renters, contact paper is the easiest way to change the look without causing any damage. Contact paper comes in a variety of colors and decorative patterns that will allow for a look that better fits your desired style.


7- Rug Rescue

One of the easiest ways to make your rental house your own is to bring in rugs. Not only will they protect flooring from damage, but they add personality to any space. Whether in the hallway, living room, or bedroom, adding a rug will provide a decorative touch and easily add to your desired aesthetic style. Just like with artwork, rugs can easily be transported and used in your next living space.


Living in a rental house can make it hard to make the space your own, but there are easy ways to add your unique style to the house without leaving any damage behind. Simple fixes like switching out the cabinet pulls and adding plants will make a huge difference without leaving you in breach of your rental contract. If you’re living in a rental house, it’s important to make the effort to have the space feel like your own space and bring in pops of your personality and design style.

Valerie Cox is a contributing writer for Allied Van Lines. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, playing with her dog, and volunteering in her local community.