Moving is time-consuming and can be extremely stressful. It can also be very expensive. Hiring a professional moving company alone can cost several thousand dollars depending on how far you’re moving and how many belongings you have. And, if you’re making the move a DIY event, there are plenty of other moving costs that can add up to a good chunk of change. Luckily, whether you’re hiring movers or tackling the move yourself, there are plenty of ways to save money when moving to a new home. Here are seven simple ways to cut costs on your next move.

Clarify Renter’s Costs

If you’re going to be renting, make sure that you verify with the landlord or property manager what costs you will be responsible for, such as pest control treatments, light bulbs, and AC filters. These costs can add up quickly, especially if you’re responsible for paying all utilities.

Buy Furniture Online

When moving into a new place, you may be considering buying new furniture for a different look. One way to cut costs is to buy furniture online. Most of the time this is more budget friendly than trying to find options from a brick and mortar store – and it’s certainly more convenient. For example, the online mattress industry is booming and you can purchase a high-quality, budget mattress online and have it delivered right to your door with no shipping costs.

Avoid Buying Packing Supplies

Other than packing tape, you can probably find all other packing materials you need for free. Ask friends, relatives, and coworkers for boxes or look for ads on Craigslist or Freecycle. Instead of buying bubble wrap, use clothing and towels instead. You can also use socks to protect glassware and make use of ready-made containers, such as baskets, plastic bins, and suitcases.

Save Receipts for Tax Deductions

Depending on the circumstances of your move, you may be able to save a lot of money when tax season comes around. According to TurboTax, moving to a new location due to work qualifies you to fill out the IRS Form 3903 to claim your moving expenses as a deduction on your federal return.

Get Quotes from Several Movers

Before choosing a professional moving company, get quotes from a few different options. If they’re doing their job properly, they will conduct either a video survey or an inspection of your belongings before giving you a figure. If you are moving a long distance and will be moving some of your belongings yourself, ensure that you make the movers well aware of what should be included in the quote since it will be based, at least in part, on weight.

Examine Your Mover’s Contract

Make sure to examine your moving company’s contract and consider liability and insurance options carefully. If you’re making a local move, it might be less expensive to go for the hourly rate instead of a flat rate. However, there can be unexpected complications on moving day, such as bad weather, that could make the move take longer. Do your research before making a decision.

Are you getting ready for a move? Don’t worry – it doesn’t have to be an expensive process. Save with some of our tips above.