Thinking Outside The Box—Even If That Box Is A Fine Room

A little room can have big heart when it’s decorated properly. If it isn’t properly decorated, it can be stifling or flat-out dull. Being imaginative with how you design such spaces can have a truly transformative effect. Just because you’ve got a tiny room in your house shaped like a box doesn’t mean you have to let that define your thinking.

In this writing we’re briefly going to explore four ideas to help direct the way you decorate your space. Such slight changes can have a truly revolutionary effect on even the tiniest rooms. Some of these suggestions may or may not work for you, but at minimum, they should help to stimulate your imagination toward what’s possible.

  1. Mirrored Partitions Divide Up Space
    Say you’ve got a room that’s about sixteen feet on a side—256 square feet. That’s not a big room! If you put mirrored partitions in the middle, you can quadruple the perception of size defining that space. You do it like this: get cubicle partitions, which are pretty cheap. Put mirrors on them. You can partition the room using a cross shape, or even a plus-sign shape.

When you properly mirror the space like that, it makes it feel like there’s somewhere else to go in the room. In each of the four cubicles created by that partition, you incorporate differing décor. Put the partition at an angle to any windows, and this will make the room seem even bigger. For bonus points, hang mirrors on all the walls as well.

A tiny dive bar feels large and spacious when huge mirrors reflect light throughout the space. Those sitting in front of an empty wall feel as though they’re looking out a window because of the mirror. Well, the same sort of physical realities can be used to define tiny rooms. Mirrors do a lot to make spaces feel larger, and partitions allow you to centralize that effect.

  1. A Cabinetry Refresh
    Cabinets can help you get a lot of clutter off the floor, providing more usable space. Most people won’t be taller than six feet—some will. Most rooms won’t have ceilings around eight feet. One and a half to two feet of cabinets stretching down from the ceiling can help you store everything better, and nobody bumps their head.

If you have cabinets already, then you might think about refreshing cabinets with some of the options at the link. There are all manner of cabinetry designs out there. Metal and wood tend to be primary options, some more expensively-designed than others. There are even options made “to order”, though these are also more expensive than traditional cabinetry tends to be.

That said, if you’ve got a really tiny room, putting cabinets together at an angle where they widen out toward the roof can conserve room space while still providing notable storage. Put mirrors on the front of such cabinets and they appear to be little windows.

  1. Vines Along The Corners Near The Roof
    You can control relative humidity of an internal environment. Vines can flourish even in desert climates when they’re grown indoors. Stretch them along the roof at the corners, and a tiny room suddenly feels like a tiny oasis. 

Here’s a link to give you some more ideas. Vines aren’t the only plants you can use to this effect. Hanging foliage is also quite affecting.

  1. For Bedrooms, Art On The Roof
    While we’re looking toward the ceiling, why not incorporate some roof art? You can mount massive paintings or pictures on the ceiling above, and if you’re really ambitious—and either own the property, or get the landlord onboard—you could even paint a mural there. Or, again, put mirrors up there. In top-tier hotel rooms, there’s often a mirror above the bed.

This could be just the sort of thing to make a tiny bedroom or workspace feel much larger. A mural or mirror on the roof will make it feel as though the space has a higher ceiling than it does, and give everything a new feeling.

Getting The Most Out Of Minimal Space Through Decor

Art on the roof, vines along ceiling corners or other foliage, refreshing cabinetry, and dividing up space with mirrored partitions all represent excellent ways of making small spaces feel larger without having to spend a lot of money, or be exceptionally skilled as regards interior design.

Think outside the box, and use your imagination. When you decide to be creative, it’s amazing what you’ll be able to do with even tiny spaces.