When we rent a space to live it is usually an empty shell of what we hope it becomes. However, creating a space that feels like home can be overwhelming. Where to start? what to buy? what not to buy?  Not all of us are interior designers and have an eye for how to bring a space to life. Here are our top 3 ways to make your rented space feel like home, but more important feel like your own.

Lighting is everything! The lighting in your apartment can either make or break how homey it can feel. The harsh lighting that can come from ceiling lighting or even in your bathroom can make it feel less like home and more like a cheap hotel room. How is this problem fixed? Well there are a couple of options. The first option would be string lights, are always a way to make your space warmer.  You can always find affordable options for string lights as well, creating a homey environment does not have to break the bank. They are easily hung with tape or Command strips. String lights are always a great addition to your space during upcoming holidays and can even be put on a coffee table surrounding holiday decorations. Another option for lighting is lamps, either floor lamps or side table lamps. These come in all shapes, sizes, and colors with hundreds of options to match your specific personality. Not in the mood to pay for a brand new lamp or the shipping that may come with it? That’s okay! Search for a local thrift store near you, they usually have furniture, home decor and lamps for very affordable prices. Last, but not least are candles. Double check with your landlord to ensure having candles does not break any terms within your lease. Candles give off that warm glow that always feels like home, while also coming in thousands of different scents.

Plants have become all the rage recently and for good reason. Plants literally bring life into your apartment. Whether they are real life plants or even fake ones, plants bring color to a space that may need it most. If you decide real plants are what you want for your space, there are many different kinds with different needs. It is a good idea to do a little research and think about what kind of attention you are willing/able to give. Cacti are great because they are beautiful to have and do not require too much attention. Plants look great on coffee tables and the little nook in your apartment. It does not stop with the beauty of the plant. You also have the option to pick from hundreds of pots to put your plant in.  Don’t make the mistake of overlooking plants as an option to add to your space, to make it feel more like home.

Accessorizing may seem as though it is not important, however it can take your space to the next level and give it the feeling of home you may be missing. The small touches make all the difference. Accessorizing can become overwhelming, breaking it up room by room is a great place to start. The living room is usually the easiest to start with, fun throw pillows for the couch. A wicker basket for extra blankets is always a great addition. Nice coasters for the coffee table can bring your personality into your space. You don’t usually get to choose what kind of flooring is in your rented space. You get what you walk into, however this does not mean you have to settle for it. A way around this problem is rugs, they can make a dark room light or add dimension to a flat room. Rugs usually are what is missing when you step back and ask “what is missing?”.  After you finish accessorizing one room, you will usually have an idea of some sort of theme, making it much easier to finish accessorizing the others. As mentioned before, thrift stores and vintage shops are great places to find unique and affordable options.

It can be overwhelming, but it does not have to be impossible. It is important to us that you feel at home. Take these tips, try them out, it may surprise you how much you start to enjoy making your rented space your own.